FIRST THINGS FIRST: WHAT ARE THE STANDARD SIMPLIFIED CHINESE WEB FONTS? Windows OS X 黑体:SimHei 冬青黑体: Hiragino Sans GB [NEW FOR SNOW LEOPARD] 宋体:SimSun 华文细黑:STHeiti Light [STXihei] 新宋体:NSimSun 华文黑体:STHeiti 仿宋:FangSong 华文楷体:STKaiti 楷体:KaiTi 华文宋体:STSong 仿宋_GB2312:FangSong_GB2312 华文仿宋:STFangsong 楷体_GB2312:KaiTi_GB2312 微软雅黑体:Microsoft YaHei [as of Win7] GOOD RULES FOR USING CHINESE FONTS IN CSS USE THE CHINESE CHARACTERS, AND ALSO […]

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